Water Labor with Birth Tub

Laboring in a birth tub offers safe, natural pain relief during the birthing time. The warm water cradles and comforts, boosting relaxation and reducing pain.

Some of the benefits of water labor are:

Reduces perception of pain

Increases comfort

Creates buoyancy

Enables easy position changes

Creates a calming environment

Encourages relaxation​

Labor Tub add on, $100

Enjoy water labor with a labor tub designed specifically for water birth and water labor, the Birth Pool in a Box Eco Mini Professional

This hospital-grade tub is safe and sanitary for use in birth.

Labor tubs are only available to birth doula clients.


Crestwood Medical Center and Madison Hospital support doulas bringing labor tubs in, pending physician approval. 

Water birth is not approved in-hospital locally.​​​ It is supported by home birth midwives (Certified Professional Midwives).

"I absolutely loved having someone trained in water labor and spent quite a lot of time in the tub. It, and Kirsten's presence, were a huge source of comfort and brought me peace and a feeling of safety when I needed it most."

-- Elizabeth

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