Placenta Encapsulation

Mothers who have encapsulated their placenta report the following benefits*:

Decreased risk of postpartum depression

​Increased milk supply​

Boost in energy​

Aid in balancing postpartum hormones​

Reduction in postpartum bleeding​

Replenishes iron stores​

Supports mother-baby bonding


Placenta encapsulation

$200 for clients / $250 non-clients

Placenta encapsulation is safe and sanitary. The encapsulation process is simple and straightforward;

I pick up the placenta from the hospital and return it within 48 hours. After encapsulation, you will receive a jar of capsules to take as needed in the postpartum period. 

Placenta prints and cord keepsake also available upon request.


Disclaimer: These benefits have not been reviewed by the FDA.

I am not a doctor and this information is not meant to be taken as medical advice. 

"I never had the first bit of anxiety, stress, or any up and down emotions...

it was all smooth sailing!."

-- Savannah

"Taking my placenta has increased my milk supply and helped

regulate my hormones."

-- Rachael

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